NEW RELEASE (30/10/2003)
There are two more GSW productions from DWC Video. The first one is GSW Night in Motion, the Golden Challenge. On that show the first ever GSW world champion was crowned in a 8 men tournament. Participants were among others Samoa Joe, Michael Kovac, Eric Schwarz and Ares of Swiss Money Holding. The second recent production for GSW is Summer Breeze 2, Face the Heat. On that show Ares faces Alex Pain, Eric Schwarz & Michael Kovac face Swiss Money Holding and there is a beauty contest. DWC Video doesn't sell these DVD's directly to fans. If you want a copy, go to the GSW homepage and you will find out all you need to know.

NEW RELEASE (08/08/2004)
After years of speculation, Dutch fans finally got the chance to see the two top tag-teams of Holland square off at FCW Open Air Onslaught. To make it even more interesting, the FCW tag team championship was on the line. Also, freefight-star Rodney Faverus issues an open challenge, which is answered by hardcore icon Mad Cow. And Adam Polak defends his FCW European championship against TAFKALL. All this and much more happens in front of an unlikely crowd of villagers who thought they were visiting a quiet town fair, but got hot FCW wrestling action instead!

NEW RELEASE (08/08/2003)
German Stampede Wrestling has asked DWC Video to produce their commercial tapes and DVD's for them. Until now two productions have been released. The first one was GSW International Impact, with in the main event A.J. Styles vs Michael Kovac. The second one was GSW Fatal Friday, with Samoa Joe vs Ahmed Chaer and in the main event Crazy Sexy Mike vs X-Dream. DWC Video doesn't sell these tapes directly to fans. If you want a copy, go to the GSW homepage and you will find out all you need to know.

DWC Video offers a new service to it's customers. We can convert your NTSC-videos (USA, Japan) to PAL-videos (Europe) for you. Mail us for more information about the prices.

With the latest release, FCW Open Air Onslaught, DWC Video has also entered the DVD-era. From now on all NEW releases will be available on both DVD and videotape. Just select your preference when ordering. Old releases won't be available on DVD for now. The DVD's are in the PAL (European) format, so be sure your DVD player knows how to handle those!

We keep getting questions from our foreign customers about shipping-charges. This is not necessary, because DWC Video has free shipping on all items, wherever you live. So it doesn't matter if you're a wrestlingfan from for instance New Zealand, Mexico, Zaire, Japan or the Netherlands. Shipping is always free!

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